A Novel by Jens Hughes
Because you shouldn't have to
speculate about your eternity.

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Beyond Technologies

In 2032, Beyond Technologies invents the means to preserve cognitive brain function indefinitely. One’s brain could live eternally in one of Beyond's tanks in lieu of dying naturally in a shared, utopian state. By 2047, many skeptics and atheists spend their lives working to afford this service. A group of religious extremists turns to violent means to oppose it. The extremists believe Beyond robs souls from God's final judgment, and that Beyond persuades potential believers away from religion. Certain members of the government feel that Beyond is gaining too much power and look to sabotage them.

A defeated former soldier and current Beyond security guard, Wells Taylor, finds his job mundane and his life meaningless. He is a man who long ago lost his faith, and more recently, his resolve. Attaining a man-made afterlife is his only true motivator until executives entice him to accept a position to uncover the identities of the company’s enemies. With the help of brilliant technology, Wells expertly tracks leads, but the opposition’s determination forces him to make choices on the lengths to which he is willing to go.

Beyond Technologies is a novel that looks deep into the power of belief. What would you be willing to do for something that you truly believed in, and would the consequences of your actions be a tainted conscience or a tainted soul?

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“Profit is not the reason for my research but if that is your only goal, ask yourself this question: if religions can get rich by giving hypothetical answers to the question, what can you make by selling a tangible answer?"

About Jens

Jens Hughes moved to Mesa, Arizona from upstate New York when he was eight years old. After high school, he joined the army and served for nine years as a paratrooper, an artilleryman and a mortarman. The last year of his enlistment was spent on a combat deployment to Afghanistan.

When his enlistment ended, finding his place has been a journey. There has been a hodgepodge of professional pursuits for him. He’s owned a staffing agency, attempted to become a firefighter, worked for a veteran’s center, sold equipment as a surgical sales rep and recruited for a local corporation. One thing he hasn’t done much since exiting the military is exercise. His formerly chiseled and god-like physique has softened faster than cereal in milk. But the time many long-sighted individuals would invest in their health, he has spent reading, writing and absorbing stories from all mediums. Currently, Jens, his girlfriend and their dog live together in Phoenix.


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